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I had a mad 5 minutes a couple of days ago and deleted this account. LJ have this thing where if you want it deleted they will but you have 30 days until everything is off their server and it's gone for good...so i changed my mind and i'm back lol.

I think i will delete this at some point soon tho, there are some posts i don't want showing to the world and i really can't be arsed...ahem, i mean i don't have the time to go through them and lock them one by one.

Work is great, super busy recently so i may have ignored a few emails and 'stuff' to do them at a later point. Hate putting stuff off!

I am going to the States next year tho...did i post about that before? Can't remember...anyhoo...off to the USA all on my todd, whoever he is.

I'm not nervous of flying at all but i am nervous about going to the airport, checking in & getting on the right plane. I have this sense of dread that the plane will land and no one noticed i was on the wrong plane and i end up in Siberia!
I'll be staying with my boss in Salem, Oregon. Hoping to go to Comic Con while i'm out there too...the big CC in San Diego!! Disney too and the part i'm most looking forward to - my fav artist is having a show..well is going to try very very hard to get one ready while i'm out there and if all goes well...we'll meet too!! Can't wait!!

Just have to get my passport done...i have no idea who's going to counter-sign it for me tho. Was gonna ask my dentist but he's an Aussie and i have no other ideas!! I don't know any policemen, teachers, barristers, bankers...fecking hell!!
If you know me...and if you're ready this i'm guessing you do, read this and if this is you - let me know!!!!
I promise my humble gratitude and and and...a lovely box of chocs, a bottle of wine, beers whatever you want (within reason!)

omfg...2am!!! I love my job, i dont have to 'officially' start till 4pm!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Good night!!

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