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well....yet again i've been needing to come here and post but lacking in time lol.

Ok, so the ex...

we're still on IM being 'friends' but he's getting the block soon. The other week (it's been a while since i posted) we were chatting and i don't remember it word for word but he said something along the lines of 'well, i thought this was your plan to get back together with me' and i admit when he first dumped me i did think if things went bad for him and new g/f and he wanted me back i would take him back but that was just in my grief. I'm not as dumb as i look lol.
There is no way I will ever be someones second choice! he made his choice, and i was never that into him.
So i replied to him.'Oh, no don't worry you're quiet safe there.' There was silence and he logged off.


The other day i was thinking about ex's and one of them came into my head today. This morning i looked through my blocked list on IM but didn't see him there, unless maybe i had remembered his ID wrong...this was a good 4 or 5 years ago! LOL
So a few hours later guess who popped up with a 'hi' yes him - how weird is that!
Now normally i hide on IM as invisible but since i moved onto a new PC a couple of weeks ago i decided to be a bit brave and stay online.
I didn't know what to do as although i liked him...he was with someone else at the time. yes i know, i'm a bitch for that and i'm being punished for that one daily.
So i ignored him hoping he'd go away. About 10 mins later he said 'how are you?' i hit ignore and blocked him. He's my past and i've done some terrible things in my past that i'd rather forget. he is one of them.
Annoying tho....he works in the art gallery so that's out of bounds to me now. damn.

I think i'm just gonna keep busy with work. it's safe there. I do miss being flirty & fun with a guy tho. lucky me tho, i have my fantasy* man for that.

*fantasy as in, it's all on my side.

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